ELISAVA School Design
and Engineering
Barcelona, Spain

Emotional Skin (Ego Super-Ego performance)
16th Creative Marathon, collab: Anna Carreras
Chair: Raffaella Perrone; coord: Anna Baldrich
December 2015

Polytechnic Museum
Moscow, Russia

Emotional Skin (Behaviours performance)
Polytech.Science.Art program
Curator: Natalia Fuchs
May 2014

Matadero Contemporary Art Center
Madrid, Spain

Performance and Sensorial Spaces

VIDA 13.0
, organized by Telefonica Foundation
Curator: Monica Bello
October 2011

KABK: Royal Academy of Art
The Hague, the Netherlands

Sensing Spatial Experiences

ArtScience Interfaculty, with the artist Tez
Head of the Interfaculty: Joost Rekveld
September 2011