PlayListNetWork uses the high speed network as an environment for the production and public display of a collaborative video work created by Canadian and European media artists. It involves the creation of a set of software tools that allow the production and display of complex, non-linear streamed media environments.
The project is comprised of three parts: the playListNetWork software, the audio visual media content made with the software and the web interface (disPlayList software) to visualize and navigate the authored structure.

The disPlayList software uses ‘.wrl’ file format.
There are two levels: ‘PlayList Map Search’ and
‘PlayList Map Selection’. Each ring of the Map
represents a sequence, and each cube represents a video clip.

A project by Willy LeMaitre and Eric Rosenzveig
V2_ Lab team: Brigit Lichtenegger, Lobke Hulzink.
level 1 _PlayList Map Search