Neutro Project (Space-time Shared Physical
Environment) explores the application of interactive electronic strategies to generate a physical environment, spatial result of a collective action and communication.
It’s a temporary living building which utilizes the interaction between audience and a system of integrated locational sensors to generate and transform lights and sound continuously. Considering spatiality as an environment not receiver but instead generator of dynamic events, Neutro explores chaotic intervals between elements of a continuous system. It’s a catalyst of space-time fluctuations between people.

Its physical space is conceived as an organism with various oscillatory components. When it goes over cyclic stress limits, the continuous rhythm will loose its deterministic periodic behavior, and enter into an irregular dynamism, no longer controlled, then chaotic.
Audience will interact with the space in order to analyze the information it contains.

crisis level 1-3 crisis level 4-6
crisis level 7-9 crisis level 10-12