e_motive is a participative project, proposing both a critical review on the current subject of environmental sustainability and a development of a scientific investigation.
The artistic proposal approaches the relationship and sustainability of human actions upon their environments, both natural and man-made ones. From this starting point, which has an important social and cultural impact e-motive addresses and encourages reflections about this subject through interactivity.

In e_motive, visitors can create changing environments. They can experiment, with their own movements, how much their actions can conditioned the entire system, therefore the reflection on concepts such as sustainability in urban environments and climate changes.
The participants can also take decisions on the evolution of these environments, even though these decisions have to be negotiated with the other users interacting at the same time.

A project by Kònic Thtr www.koniclab.info
Augmented Reality programming: Eugenio Tisselli

Created for Metrònom Gallery - Rafael Tous Contemporary Art Foundation, Barcelona 2003