Conscious Space 01 is a participants-responsive
environment which focuses on the relations Body-Body and Body-Space, which are ones of interaction and movement, not simple presence.
It explores the conscious and unconscious relation between the participants and their relation with the environment. This relies on mapping wave energy impulses, actions, movements, attraction and repulsion and on patterning the responsive changes generated by the sensor system which reads the bio-information of the participants' body relative to their presence, proximity and touch.

The only input devices are the bodies of the performers which act as antennas standing on the interface. The space is designed to provide them with an intuitive interface which facilitates full body interaction. Each 3D graphic model and sound field corresponds to the movement of a body-antenna and embodies his virtual extension, constantly interfered from the presence and the movement of other bodies on the interface. As they touch and move closer or far away, their electromagnetic activity generates flowing algorithmic organisms and audio compositions.

Environment programming: Arjen Keesmaat
Sound design: elpueblodechina

presence detection proximity detection touch detection