The interactive performance Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) is a practical research into the possibility of using the 'Body as Interface'. The main point of departure was the idea to measure human encounters, with the participants realizing that the boundaries of the self extend beyond their skins. A core element of the work is a sensor floor on which a performer is standing, functioning as a human antenna; when coming close to or being touched by members of the audience, the body movements are registered as electromagnetic activity. Surrounding the floor are large projections showing real-time algorithmic organisms connected to audio compositions, which change form according to fluctuations in the electromagnetic field. The relative distance between the bodies determines what is to be seen and heard. This work has to be considered in relation with the tradition of performance and installation art, which problematizes the distinction between active performers and passive spectators.

MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, 3rd Taipei Digital Art Festival, Taipei (Taiwan), September 2008

--- Excellence Prize, 11th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo (Japan) 2007
--- Honorable Mention, Prix Ars Electronica Interactive Art, Linz (Austria) 2007
--- Honorable Mention, VIDA 9.0 Art & Artificial Life, Madrid (Spain) 2006