Therefore the alchemy (al-koumia) comes from the fallen angels, that is from the devils and for responsibility of the feminine seduction has been spread it around the world... (L. Parinetto, Alchemy and utopia)

I have been asked to create a work for the Al-bunduqiyya Collection in Venice. The collection is a 'menu' of artworks to be experienced through the action of eating. It was presented on the 3rd June 2009 at Corte dell’Orso in Venice.

Al Koumia
Edible cream glosses

- Spicy and free (tomato, basil, garlic, hot pepper)
- Saucy but not too much (pesto)
- Don't be shy (four cheese)
- Sea games (tuna fish, shrimps, garlic, pepper)
- Sweet for you (chocolate, cream)
- Morning coffee (coffee, sugar)
- Drink it all (cappuccino)

Note to tasting: the Al Koumia menu should be served directly on the lips and tasted with French kisses. Instructions for use: do not smoke before tasting; very long tasting time.
Designed as a 'chemosensory trip for two', the chemical molecules of the food slowly melt into solvent watery solution (saliva).